Фото исполнителя Philip George, Salena Mastroianni

Philip George, Salena Mastroianni - Same Love


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Клип Philip George, Salena Mastroianni - Same Love

Текст песни Philip George, Salena Mastroianni - Same Love

[Verse 1]

U are stuck in an elevator tryn to reach my level

And i battle snitches saddle bitches i would never mind

That was the worst time in my life but after all i can shine

Pushin trough any weather gettin better

Grappin pen and papers my rap hits u like tazers

Haters without a clue what they talkin bout

But i dont give a dame though jeah i shout loud out

To the clouds my doubts

Will never be the ones controlling me again

Dame i hate the way i think

Cause they are trolling me again

All the same im still in the game

Didn‘t surrender no matter the fact

What i say is correct


When I trill shit

I‘ll be at the top real quick

From 0 to 100 real shit

Now u are on my hit list

Better not get whippep bitch

[Verse 2]

I feel a itch in my lips

When the beat start to kicks

Chicks start moving their hips

Da boys rolling tips

With bricks in my way im sure i will build something great

Chase with ambition my very personal vision

Trough lyricism propagate my mission

Put ur minds on a test lets see if u check

First check the mic then track my rise

Not even close to a hype

Can‘t describe how i write

Trying to find time for typing the textes

Beeing distracted from different actions

Spread my rap across fractions

U all feel a musical resurrection


[Verse 3]

I want to Lay down at the beach

With hands full of weed

A permanent smile on those cheeks

Every week releasing a beat

With lyrics on it i adore it

No more frowns on my brow

Sure i want more No more controversy

420 equally livin in peace smokin peace

Jesus ~ suspected it a long time ago

That love is all u need to keep go ~inhaling

Im fading taking sips till the blaze dims

No way out the concrete jungle

And i humble i swear i try

To get my mind right

Men what a fight

So i conclude and enter into

To get my loot promise i proof

Wanna spit fast and pass rhymes to the mic

Gosh ima psych wipe ur ears out from the old shit and wait till i hit

But yo i take it slow

So that even the ignorant people

Are able to understand me to

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